Official Training

SwimTogether is the only Portuguese company specialized in training, tours and open water swimming trips.

The sea is their habitat, so it is very likely that you have seen them swimming, with their shoal, on one of the beaches along the Cascais coastline.

They train all kinds of swimmers and triathletes every day, transforming people of different ages and swimming levels into confident swimmers.

In its Open Water Swimming School, the first in Portugal, you will find:

With them you can enjoy the sea safely and in an unforgettable way.



São Pedro Estoril – Cascais 4.5km


Praia da Torre – São Pedro Estoril 5km

Praia da Poça – Cascais 2km


Carcavelos – Cascais 7.5km

Cascais – Tamariz – Cascais 3km


Carcavelos – Praia da Poça 6.5km


Cruz Quebrada – Paço de Arcos 3.5km

Padrão dos Descobrimentos – Farol da Gibalta 5.5km

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